How To Work Out Your Lower Abs Like A Boss In 2014

cartoon guy doing an ab workoutIt seems like everybody today Is talking about there abs,  from the hard lower ab workout exercises to the easy upper ab workouts. There is something in the air in 2014 as everyone seems to be turning into fitness nuts and I cant be any happier with sales. Where I live in the United States it seems everyone and there mother is really into fitness. Its odd how I hear the story’s from our cousins over seas that we Americans are nothing more then over weight slobs. All I see everyday in my neighborhood is people eating healthy and exercising daily, maybe I live in a weird place.

Now of course not everyone, but a lot of people here in my nice little California town are crazy about health and fitness. Today I would like to go over some of the best abcbeachabs top lower ab workouts for men and women that will get you the results you seek as fast as possible. The great thing about working out the lower and upper abs is you don’t really need any expensive equipment to get those great abs. All you need is a good diet plan and healthy determination. The reason you need a good diet plan is you will never know if you have a good set of abs if you have to much fat covering your ab area. If you are one of those lucky naturally skinny people maybe you should look into the best testosterone boosters of 2014 to help you get a little bit of fat so you can convert that into muscles as you carry on your daily workout sessions.

guy with a great set of abs, cartoonEven just a little over weight can play a major role when it comes to your abs. If you want the world to see your abs in all their glory you have to be on a diet plan that will help you lose body fat. Diets are one of the toughest things to do when regarding fitness.

Exercising and working out are easy but still require determination, but taking away that daily triple double bacon cheeseburger is extremely difficult for a lot of people. So first step would be to find a diet plan that you can do, one that has low carbs and low calories.

Also try to get some cardio in everyday, not just to help lose the access body fat but for general health as well. Now when it comes to the top lower ab workouts and exercises it requires a different type of ab workout then the upper abs. Most people don’t realize that to work out your abs you need to do two different type of workout’s to get the full set of abs we seek. The upper abs are a little easier, for those good old crunches work great. For crunches all you need to do is place your hands on your chest, lie flat on the floor, knees up and slowly go up and down. Do not go all the way back down to the floor like sit ups only go about 60 percent back.

Keep going until you feel that burn, also go nice and slow, no need to go fast. Slower is better and works out the upper abs a lot more in the long run. Now for the lower ab workouts we can do bicycle crunches, lay flat on the floor and move your legs like you are riding a bicycle. This workout is great for the lower abs. It takes a little longer to feel the burn then the crunches but do this method long enough and you too will soon feel the power and strength of this exercise. Remember to take a day off every other day so your ab muscles can rest and regenerate, its when the muscles rest that they build their strength and power.

Do these two ab workouts every other day for at least two weeks and you to will start to see amazing results. If you stick to this routine long enough then their is no doubt in my mind that you will acquire the abs you have always wanted. To get great abs all you need is determination!

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