The Yeast Infection Treatment Guide For The Modern Women

happy doctor treating a yeast infectionSince it is nationally female day here in Australia I will write a post dedicated to treating yeast infections. As most women will have to deal with a yeast infection at least one time in there lives. So I wanted to go over the best ways to treat a yeast infection as well as the best remedies to help ease ones suffering.

But before you go out and start self medicating yourself make sure to double check with your personal doctor to make sure you have a yeast infection and it’s not something else.
There are a lot of STI’s out there with very similar symptoms. Sometimes a lot of women think they have a Yeast infection when in fact it is something else.

So its a good idea to know for sure what STI you have before starting a treatment plan. Ok so lets talk about some of the best prevention remedies to stop future yeast infections. One of the best was to prevent a yeast infection is yogurt. Yep good old fashion tasty yogurt can indeed help prevent a yeast infection from occurring,

Yogurt posses something we like to call friendly bacteria. This friendly bacteria helps prevent yeast from overgrowing. So eating some yogurt everyday can greatly reduce your risk of getting a yeast infection. Another great way to prevent an infection is wearing lose clothing. Mainly the underwear and pants area.

Young women love to wear tight clothing and this can increase your chances of getting a yeast infection as tight clothing traps air. Too much trapped air can produce a moister effect making the yeast overgrow and thus a yeast infection can occur. A good way to combat this is to wear cotton panty’s. Cotton panty’s will help let your body breath and release some of that trapped air.

So daily consumption of yogurt and cotton panty’s is a great way to reduce your risk of getting a yeast infection. Now for some great yeast infection treatments. If you have a sever yeast infection a doctor will prescribe some powerful prescription tablets that will help treat and cure a yeast infection. For more milder cases most women use tea tree oil. You can apply this method by grabbing a tampon and douse it with tea tree oil.

It is best to do this at night time before bed and take it out in the morning. There have been study’s that show this can work very well and really ease the symptoms of a yeast infection. All tho some women claim this method is very uncomfortable and they didn’t see or feel any results. If this happens you can stop the tea tree oil method as it’s not working.

Garlic is also another great treatment method, it works just the same as the tea tree oil strategy. Your local drug store will also have tons of creams that work wonders at treating yeast infections. But remember before you start self treating yourself make sure you actually have a yeast infection and not another STI. It’s always best to know what you are dealing with so you can get treated with the proper medication.

How To Get A Full Set Of Six Pack Abs Like A Pro Super Fast

How can anyone get a full set of six pack abs super fast with very little work? It’s actually not as hard as one might imagine. All you need to know is the right ab workouts and have a little bit of free time everyday. And of course some pure determination so you can do what it takes to get the job done.

six pack absFirst thing you need to do in order to get that six pack is uncover the truth about what ab exercises to do.  You need to know that some ab exercises only workout a portion of the abdominal muscles. Such as the crunches only focus on the upper region as the v holds only focus on the lower region.

So in order to get that six pack you seek fast you need to research the ab workouts you need to do. Then mastermind your daily ab routine. For example, when I first started working out my abs I decided just to do the bicycle crunches everyday. In a couple of weeks I started to see some decent results.

I was extremely skinny at the time which greatly helped. The more skinny you are the more you will get to see that great six pack come out from under your tummy. So if you are just 10 pounds overweight I would strongly advise to do some good, sweaty daily exercise. Okay now back to when I first started to workout my abs.

Yes I just performed the bicycle crunches like crazy everyday. I did indeed start to see results within a couple of weeks but I noticed my upper ab region was showing a lot more then my lower. Then I realized that I needed to do different ab exercises for all the ab muscle groups. I thought I was the first one to realize that, which is odd. After a little research I realized it’s common knowledge to ab enthusiast.

So in order to get that full set of six pack abdominals you need lower ab workouts and upper ab workouts. It is true that you can get some great abs just by doing the bicycle crunches, sit ups, v holds etc.. but if you want to get all the ab muscle groups worked out you need to do at least 1 upper ab workout and 1 lower ab workout within your daily ab routine.

If you do at least 3 sets and some good strong reps within each set you will get that six pack you seek. Try not to skip to many days and try to fit in some good cardio in everyday as well.



How To Do The Epic Bicycle Crunch Like A Pro

guy doing the bicycle crunchThe bicycle crunch is known in 2014 as one of the best ab workouts of all time. There has been some study’s that have proven this, I don’t know how they determine this but it has everybody wanting to put the bicycle crunch into there daily ab workout routine. And I am one of them.

I personally have always done the crunches and the v holds. I do one ab workout for the upper abs and one for the lower ab area. If your new to working out those ab muscles it is common knowledge that you need at least two abdominal workouts within your routine that focus on all the ab muscles.

Bicycle crunches work out the lower abs. Crunches work out the upper abs. So instead of doing the v holds I just switched to the bicycle crunch. There is no doubt that I can feel and see a difference. Don’t get me wrong the v holds are a great ab exercise, The bicycle crunch just seems to be better. As I am lazy and only want to do 2 ab workouts within my daily routine I am very happy with the switch.

So now I do the crunches for my upper abs and the bicycle crunch for my lower abdominal muscles. This tactic will indeed give me the results I seek but if you want to get those ab muscles faster maybe do 4 ab exercises daily instead of just 2. This will greatly speed up the results. Most of us don’t have the time or we are to lazy, don’t worry if we do 2 ab exercises every other day we will get those awesome ab muscles.

Some things to note before we start are daily ab workouts. Make sure you are on a diet if you have any fat covering your stomach area. When you do your ab workouts always take the next day off, your muscles need to rest. This is very important in the beginning. Make sure to fit some cardio every day, at least 15 minutes will do. Follow these steps and in no time you will have the abs you seek.

The Best Testosterone Booster Supplements VS. Steroids

buff guy that uses testosterone boostersWhen looking at a natural testosterone booster vs. steroids there are a number of important factors that you need to consider. The most important one is obviously safety. The dangers of steroid use have long been known and documented.

But in addition to safety you also need to look at effectiveness. After all taking a testosterone boosting supplement that is safe, but ineffective is a waste of time and money. This means that if you want to get the results of a testosterone supplement, without the risks of taking actual steroids, you need to look at how effective they are.


Taking steroids, or even doctor monitored testosterone replacement therapy can be very dangerous. The chances of heart attack and stroke are greatly magnified when you are introducing testosterone in an unnatural way to your body. On top of the danger there is also the dependency that you will develop that should be a major concern. When you take testosterone boosters your body begins to rely upon it, and as a result it stops producing testosterone naturally. While this process can be reversed in some cases over time, in many cases the damage is permanent. If you take testosterone today to improve your muscle gains, chances are you will be dependent on it for the rest of your life. The beauty of a testosterone supplement is that it doesn’t introduce testosterone unnaturally into your body. Instead it provides your body with the components it needs to naturally increase testosterone production. This means that there is no risk of dependency.


Testosterone supplements work by providing your body with the components it needs to produce its own testosterone. Supplements have been shown to help for men in different age groups, and with different levels of testosterone. Any testosterone supplement that you are considering should contain an ingredient called Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus is a weed that has been shown in multiple studies to help boost testosterone production. While supplements can be highly effective in helping to boost natural testosterone production, they will not be as effective as actual testosterone replacement therapy. However when you consider the safety of a natural testosterone booster vs. steroids it should become clear that using a natural supplement should be your first option.

Benefits Of Testosterone Supplementation

For anyone considering testosterone boosters there are a number of benefits that they can produce. One of the most notable is an increase is sex drive. The male sex drive is directly linked to testosterone levels, so as you age, and they decrease, so too does your libido. Having higher levels of testosterone will also boost your energy levels, and increase your ability to build and maintain muscle. The benefits of higher testosterone levels are well known. However for years the dangers of taking testosterone have also been well known, so the risk of taking testosterone has often prevented men from using it. Fortunately when you look at a natural testosterone booster vs. steroids, you will find that it has many of the same benefits, but without the risks.

How To Work Out Your Lower Abs Like A Boss In 2014

cartoon guy doing an ab workoutIt seems like everybody today Is talking about there abs, from the hard lower ab workouts for women exercises to the easy upper ab workouts for men exercises. There is something in the air in 2014 as everyone seems to be turning into fitness nuts and I cant be any happier with sales.

Where I live in the United States it seems everyone and there mother is really into fitness. Its odd how I hear the story’s from our cousins over seas that we Americans are nothing more then over weight slobs. All I see everyday in my neighborhood is people eating healthy and exercising daily, maybe I live in a weird place.

Now of course not everyone, but a lot of people here in my nice little California town are crazy about health and fitness. Today I would like to go over some of the best lower ab workouts for men and women that will get you the results you seek as fast as possible. The great thing about working out the lower and upper abs is you don’t really need any expensive equipment to get those great abs. All you need is a good diet plan and healthy determination. The reason you need a good diet plan is you will never know if you have a good set of abs if you have to much fat covering your ab area. If you are one of those lucky naturally skinny people maybe you should look into muscle expand to help you get a little bit of fat so you can convert that into muscles as you carry on your daily workout sessions.

guy with a great set of abs, cartoonEven just a little over weight can play a major role when it comes to your abs. If you want the world to see your abs in all their glory you have to be on a diet plan that will help you lose body fat. Diets are one of the toughest things to do when regarding fitness.

Exercising and working out are easy but still require determination, but taking away that daily triple double bacon cheeseburger is extremely difficult for a lot of people. So first step would be to find a diet plan that you can do, one that has low carbs and low calories.

Also try to get some cardio in everyday, not just to help lose the access body fat but for general health as well. Now when it comes to the top lower ab workouts and exercises it requires a different type of ab workout then the upper abs. Most people don’t realize that to work out your abs you need to do two different type of workout’s to get the full set of abs we seek. The upper abs are a little easier, for those good old crunches work great. For crunches all you need to do is place your hands on your chest, lie flat on the floor, knees up and slowly go up and down. Do not go all the way back down to the floor like sit ups only go about 60 percent back.

Keep going until you feel that burn, also go nice and slow, no need to go fast. Slower is better and works out the upper abs a lot more in the long run. Now for the lower ab workouts we can do bicycle crunches, lay flat on the floor and move your legs like you are riding a bicycle. This workout is great for the lower abs. It takes a little longer to feel the burn then the crunches but do this method long enough and you too will soon feel the power and strength of this exercise. Remember to take a day off every other day so your ab muscles can rest and regenerate, its when the muscles rest that they build their strength and power.

Do these two ab workouts every other day for at least two weeks and you to will start to see amazing results. If you stick to this routine long enough then their is no doubt in my mind that you will acquire the abs you have always wanted. To get great abs all you need is determination!